Monday, March 14, 2005

Cubs: Cursed, unlucky, bad trainers, or damaged goods?

I have this friend who is probably not unlike one of your friends. For the sake of the article we will refer to him as Bob. I'll call Bob on a Tuesday and ask what he is doing the following weekend. If Bob says that "he might be able to hang out" that is Bob-code for a definite and resounding "no." If Bob says he will definitely be able to hang out, then this translates into a "maybe." If Bob says he cannot hang out at all, this is Bob-code for "I probably won't see you for a few weeks." Get my drift?

The point is: I like Bob, he is one of my good friends. I respect Bob and I enjoy hanging out with Bob, but when Bob speaks, his word is about as good as Barry Bonds, sans massive ego and roid rage.

Being friends with Bob is like being a Cub fan. I love the Cubs and will always support them - but when someone from the organization speaks I do not believe a word that comes out of their coniving lips.

Basically, I just read that Prior has "inflammation" in his elbow, which is most likely Cub-code for "you'll probably see the Fourth of July fireworks before you see Mark Prior pitch on a mound." Wood's shoulder? Cub-code tells us this means: "cancel playoff ticket orders."

I have never bought into the theory that the Cubs are cursed. I am too young to experience all of the decades of losing, and I also consider myself a sane and rational person who would not believe in curses.

But, seriously, something isn't right.

Something isn't right when your number 1 and 2 starters for the second year in a row have mysterious injuries and the fans are fed are a load of B.S..

Something isn't right when your trainers from the previous year get fired and there is one impending lawsuit.

Something isn't right that it is only March 14th and I am already having serious doubts about staying in contention past May.

Something isn't right when you haven't won a World Series in 97 years.

Is it too late to sign Matt Clement? It is? Damn.

How I would love for Hendry to say tomorrow "Wood will start Opening Day and Prior will be starting the day after."

Then again, this would be Cub-code for "We'll see them both in June."


At 9:23 PM, Blogger aham23 said...

Best post about this crap the Cubs spew at us that I have read. The Cubs continue to lie, mislead, and downplay player injuries. They told us Prior was health but they were taking it slow. Then BAM, he has an MRI, which means he has had issues, then BAM no start because of inflamation. He had all winter off. Why is his elbow inflamed? This blows.

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Jimmy said...

Yeah you are dead on about the winter off deal. If he had five months off and his elbow is now inflamed, then how is it supposed to heal in a week?



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